24 November 2009

Refreshing Holiday Music by snowflake and ccMixter

Please note this disclosure.

The next generation music label ArtisTech Media has just released what in some years down the road may just turn out to be remembered as an iconic holiday album. "Peace of Winter" represents some intriguing, yet accessible remixes in some of the best ccMixter.org tradition. From the beautiful and sublime, to the worldly exotic and even a refreshing hint of quirkiness, this album has it all. The spectrum ranges from inter-faith classics to new expressions of the joys of winter.

This compilation has been curated by exquisite songstress snowflake, who herself is impressively comfortable on both sides of the remixing console.

And in the holiday spirit of promoting peace and sharing between communities, half of the proceeds from this album will be donated to the Dalai Lama Foundation.

While the album can be listened to and even downloaded for free, those who want to express support for the music makers and their cause can also purchase a copy or leave an online "tip".

This is quite a milestone for the ccMixter community and the team at ArtisTech Media, who have just recently assumed the responsibility to operate the ccMixter community while keeping it free for everyone. Maybe one of many more to come?

09 November 2009

White Cube Remix Project at ccMixter

There's a very intriguing new remix project called The White Cube at ccMixter.org. Please note that remixes have to be licensed with the popular Creative Commons CC-BY license in order to be considered for use during the exhibition. So no remixing Cream or some band from Liverpool's double album or some song about nights on bed sheets! :-)

This all is in support of an upcoming exhibition in the RAM Galleri on Oslo which is celebrating it's 20 year anniversary and wants to explore "How to explode the white Cube".

Deadline for remix submissions is on the 7th of December 2009, just 3 days before an unrelated small party in that very city of Oslo. Hopefully our friends in the black limousines doubtlessly all over Oslo right around that time will not misunderstand the context and confiscate all the remixes!

The remix project is organized and the two source audio packages are provided by Gurdonark (whom I've had the privilege to interview last year and the ever lovely and talented (I always wanted to say that!) SackJo22, whom I've had the honor and pleasure to work with on one of her many projects.

Given that the very first LP (yes, it was vinyl!) I ever bought was ELP's "Pictures of an Exhibition", this kind of thematic project holds deep intrigue and I may just have to fire up my trusty DAW software and mess around a little. mmmhhh let's start with a little extra compression here and maybe some reverb there ...