23 May 2009

Free Music Software and Discounts on Commercial Software

DontCrack.com is another interesting place to look for music making software. It lists quite the collection of free music software along with regular special deals for commercial software.

I've also previously mentioned some other good resources for free music making software:

FreeMusicSoftware.org - A blog by Crispin with the tag line: A collection of the best Free Audio and Music floating around in Cyberspace.

GERSIC.COM - the giant free audio plugin database

KVRaudio.com - The premier news site for everything related to audio plugins. Fabulous search engine for plugins and host software, which makes it easy to find only free plugins or also commercial one's.

18 May 2009

RemixFight.org a new contest every 2 weeks

UPDATE: MC Jack in the Box has been hosting this fun place for remix contests for what seems to be an eternity in Internet years (since late 2003): Remix Fight!: "Remix Fight! is a remixing community open to everyone. We get people to send us source files for their songs and then make that source available for download. People download that source, make a remix, and then e-mail an mp3 of their mix to us. Then, we post all the mp3s we’ve received and set up a poll so that visitors to the site can listen to the mixes and vote on which one they like the best. After a couple weeks, we close the poll and announce a winner."

RemixFight.org is technlogically delightfully old school, which also means it's easy to use. And it's not about prizes, but about bragging rights, so it's not for the materialistically motivated. :-)

Fourstones, who is the mastermind behind ccMixter.org has often said, that Remix Fight has been his inspiration for ccMixter.

10 May 2009

RemixComps.com tracks remix contests

I just found out about RemixComps.com, who's 20 second pitch looks like this: "Are you a musician, DJ, music producer that enjoys taking sound samples and loops of other musician's pieces of music, loading them into your favorite music production software and remixing them into your own track. Remix Comps lists remix contests found on the internet so that audio DJs and musicians can quickly and easily find a great music track to remix."

From my brief look at the site, this sure looks like the best effort to track remix competitions I've seen. For each contest it lists not only the place to download the stems (parts), but also the prizes, the deadlines, noteworthy rules and notes including IP issues like a contest, where remixes become the property of the contest holder. There's even a page for listing the winners of the various contests.

If you sign up, you can even rate the contests, and participate in forum discussions. There's a blog and they've just added the capability to run a remix contest through the site.

For the contest junkies in the remixing world, this looks like a great site and I can only congratulate Edward Cufaude, the man behind RemixComps.com and he also releases is own music under a Creative Commons license and finally, he also has an interesting site containing tips for audio production called RhythmCreation.com.

I don't think, that at this time he has a thriving business model, just a few of the links (not all) appear to maybe get him a little commission. So this looks like a labor of love, and I hope he'll enjoy doing it for a long time and/or maybe figure out how to make it economically self-sustaining over the longer haul.