22 April 2008

Metropolitan Youth Orchestra Scrollwerks Remix contest

Just got a note from Jeane Goforth from Scrollworks (a non-profit organization aiming to offer quality music education for children in the local community regardless of their ability to pay, with a focus on minorities and the under-served areas of Greater Birmingham, Alabama), They are holding a remix contest featuring a recording of the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra in concert performing Paganini’s “Moses Variations”.

"We've finally got it up. I know it's short notice, but, having worked now 17 (or 18) days straight and with a to-do list covering multiple tablets, it's the best we could do. The growing pains of a new organization! (0 to 135 students in 2 months!!) Info here: http://metroyo.blogspot.com/2008/04/250-prize-for-remix-contest.html
or under 'What's New' at scrollworks.org "

Very cool, Jean - and may the contest be a big success!

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Jeane Goforth said...

Thanks for your help with this!
Never been busier, poorer, or happier!