05 April 2008

ccMixter - She's Got the Look

Good friend of the site and remixer extraordinaire Loveshadow just posted a note at ccMixter: "This is just a little announcement that a remix i did of Calendar Girl has been used commercially for a fashion house in Vienna.

The site looks great as does their current 2008 collection. Its very cool to be selected and proves that the world is watching and listening to sites like CC Mixter and rethinking their commercial approach.

It also shows that collorabation thru CC Mixter can lead to greater things and Calendar Girl & myself would like to thank the Kalchmann group for supporting our online efforts.

Go take a look if you get a chance: Kalchmann"

eMXR's hearfelt congratulations to Loveshadow, CalendarGirl and Kalchman!

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