10 September 2007

mi7 hosts remix contest featuring DJ Rkod

mi7.com, which earlier this summer hosted the "Dream in Blue" remix contest, has announced another remix contest - this time featuring original materials from DJ Rkod, a long time friend of this site and "a minor theory". Submissions are accepted until October 05, 2007. The prizes are vouchers for samples from mi7.com's library.

I find this remix contest especially interesting, since the original material consists of instrumental songs, rather than songs with vocal melodies or rapping, which are more typically featured in the remixing scene. Will we hear any attempts at melodies or rapping? Or will the remixes all be instrumentals? We'll stay tuned to this fascinating experiment.

05 September 2007

a wonderful afternoon

It's been a little quiet around this blog for a bit too long. Part of the reason is, that I've been traveling for a while and therefore quite busy with other stuff, and partly because I haven't bumped into anything overwhelmingly exciting in remixing land.

However today that changed on a personal level. On my current visit to Toronto, Colab and I decided to meet in person over a couple of pleasant Belgian beverages. What a great experience to meet somebody in person with whom one has exchanged musical commentary on distant websites for a while. The couple of hours we spent together seemed very short. So much stuff to talk about in music and in real life. Reminiscing about Atari ST computers, about moving from Europe to Canada, about controlling music machines with hardware interfaces rather than via a screen based user interfaces, the rewards and perils of honesty when commenting on each other's music and many more topics.

And it was kind of ironic, but very cool to find out via a real life conversation about a couple of things I had missed in our common remixing stomping grounds on the web.

Over time I hope to have additional opportunities like this and can only wish the same for my other remixing/web friends. If you are traveling, you may want to think a couple of extra minutes about a potential opportunity to meet one of your online friends. It can be a very rewarding experience. It was for me.