04 August 2007

Freesound - sound sample collection

For music makers, one of the great sources for sounds is the Freesound Project. From the "what is freesound?" page: "The Freesound Project aims to create a huge collaborative database of audio snippets, samples, recordings, bleeps, ... released under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus License. The Freesound Project provides new and interesting ways of accessing these samples, allowing users to

* browse the sounds in new ways using keywords, a 'sounds-like' type of browsing and more
* up and download sounds to and from the database, under the same creative commons license
* interact with fellow sound-artists!"

A remarkable resource. Where else could you find a recording of a tire being rolled around on sandy pavement?

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Jeane Goforth said...

I'm reading this blog and your website daily. I listen to the stream from the website as I work. Don't know a thing, but will be able to use all the right words when I talk to our orchestra kids. A whole new world of fascinating possibilities. Thank YOU!